The Central Coast Pathfinder club, a joint effort between Forresters Beach, Gosford and the Haven Adventist churches in conjunction with the Central Coast Adventist School, is a ministry that exists to help kids “Meet God Through Adventure”.

Designed for young people aged 10-15, it consists of 6 age level groups – Friends, Companions, Explorers, Rangers, Voyagers and Guides. Pathfinders cover a wide range of activities from camping, hikes, games, biking, kayaking, fund raising events and much more!

Besides having fun, the Pathfinder club aims to mentor members into a growing relationship with God, achieved through spiritually-based courses of study and experiences, both indoors and outdoors. The club is organized and led to build members into responsible, mature individuals who contribute to their families, their community, their church and their world.

We currently have more than 130 kids that attend, and we’d love for you to join us!

Each year, we join thousands of other kids at the SPD Camporee for a few days of fun-filled, spirit-building excitement and adventure.

Find out more at centralcoastpathfinders.com