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Next Steps

We would like to help you along the next step of your journey with Jesus.

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Receive Bible Studies

The Bible is a wonderful book that fills its readers with hope, meaning and purpose. But it isn’t just information, it’s a story. A story about a loving God who cares for us so much that he will do whatever it takes to save us. At Forresters Beach Adventist Church, we would like to give you the opportunity to know the Bible better. Whether you have a specific question, or simply want to learn more, we would love to be…

Be Baptised

When someone is baptised, they are declaring that they have placed their faith in Jesus. The water is symbolic of God’s forgiveness, that washes us free from sin, and as that person is brought up out of the water it conveys that they have received new life in Jesus. It’s a beautiful ceremony that God asks every follower to participate in. If you would like to be baptised, or would like to find out more, then simply fill in the…