Children’s Programs

Children’s Programs

When you come and visit our church be sure to bring your kids! Church is a great place for children to learn positive values and these can impact them for life. Also, there is nothing that will give your children more confidence than a living relationship with God.

Sabbath School classes follow the main worship service and include songs, crafts, quizzes, games, and Bible stories. The classes are also broken down into the following age groups:
– Teens (ages 10–15)
– Primary (ages 6–9)
– Kindergarten (under 5)

To find the kid’s Sabbath School rooms walk into the main church, walk towards the stage, turn left and walk down the hallway. There are three rooms down the corridor for the different age groups (signs are on the doors). If you need a hand finding the rooms, please ask the welcomer at the front door, they’ll be happy to show you.

At Forresters Beach, we are committed to providing a safe environment for our children; all of our volunteers undergo the NSW Work With Children Check.