Seventh-day Adventists are passionate about Jesus. We want to know His story, to be in relationship with Him, to experience His love and to share Him with others. Our beliefs, worship, and service, spring forth from this.

Here are some of our core beliefs:

The Bible – We believe that the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, tells us the story of Jesus. It is God’s authoritative guidebook on truth, salvation, and loving others. Through the study of the Bible, Jesus speaks to us and we grow closer to Him.

Salvation – When God created our world, it was a place of joy, love and perfection. However, sin has broken this harmony, replacing it with pain, suffering and death. The cross is God’s answer. It is the centrepiece of His rescue plan. On it, Jesus died the death that we deserve and offers us forgiveness and eternal life.

The Sabbath – When God finished creating our world, he set aside the Seventh day for the purpose of rest, reconnection, and remembrance of Him.  In our increasingly busy lives, the Sabbath is Jesus’ invitation to spend time with Him.

The Second Coming – The return of Jesus will be the glorious climax of the plan of Salvation. Jesus Himself will descend from heaven, the dead in Christ will be raised to new life, and we will be caught up together with them to meet Jesus in the air. From then onwards, we will always be with Jesus.

Mission – Jesus has established His church with a specific mission – to take the good news of Salvation to the ends of the Earth. But, Jesus doesn’t just give us this mission, he also empowers us to achieve it. He does this by giving us the Holy Spirit who equips us with all that we need to be Christ’s effective witnesses.


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