Focus on Prayer

Focus on Prayer

The Focus on Prayer sermon series takes a serious and pragmatic look at the value, function and purpose of prayer through the Biblical record and experience of those who have felt its effects.

Sometimes controversial, this series examines both the joys and disappointments that are often associated with prayer and how God wants us to understand this important instrument in the life of a Christian.

Guaranteed An Answer

Pr Gilbert Cangy shows that God loves to answer our prayers and that ultimately those answers will bring true satisfaction.

Hey God, Why No Answer?

Is God deaf? Why is He ignoring me? Pr Bill Townend examines the reasons why it sometimes appears as though God isn’t listening.

Why Won’t God Just Give Me What I Want?

It’s easy to think of God as some sort of spiritual Santa Claus which is why it can be frustrating when we don’t get what we want when we ask. Dr Brad Townend reveals how God works through prayer.